Wait…what??? What is the difference between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant?

Are you looking at these two titles wondering, “Wait…What is the difference?” Well, it is very important for you to know the difference to help in your decision of knowing what exactly it is you and/or your employees need. The good news is, I’ve gathered this information for you so you don’t have to go any further in researching what makes these two roles so different. I am here to help you save money in your business so it is vital that you are educated in knowing what role will best help your business grow.

While the unique roles of an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant are both important in the effective operation of your business, let’s break down what the differences are so you can rest assured you are, in fact, making the right decisions for your business.

  •  Objective – The main focus of an Online Business Manager, as the name suggests, is management. He or she acts more as an operations manager or executive assistant rather than a support assistant. It is appropriate to view an Online Business Manager as an associate partner who tends to operations, managing team players, as well as aiding in cost control. A Virtual Assistant on the other hand, focuses on getting specific tasks done, being the doer of the tasks versus managing them being done. He or she is the go-to person to get the job done. Services often include data entry, web research, customer service, and administrative assistance.
  •  Responsibility – Being an associate partner, an Online Business Manager is responsible for the overall success of the organization along with individual success. Your Online Business Manager feels the same business pains you feel in a day-to-day basis. Your business is their business, or at least that is the mindset of a good manager. In comparison, a Virtual Assistant focuses about the organization’s performance only in the areas that affect him or her directly. As long as the VA is providing excellent virtual support, their role is taken care of. He or she is responsible for solely his or her own individual work.
  •  Client Management – In a normal scenario, an Online Business Manager will focus on 2 to 5 clients at a time, giving each one-on-one attention, and tending to the client’s business as if it were the only one. Just possessing a knack for multitasking at a high-level of expertise is a skill set often only found in an experienced Online Business Manager. A Virtual Assistant tends to pick and choose projects they are best at and can be juggling 5 to 10 clients all within a 30-day period. By no means does this suggest that a VA is capable of handling a higher volume of work, rather it shows that the normal Virtual Assistant works on shorter and more narrow tasks than an Online Business Manager.
  •  How They Help A Business – Many business owners are in need of finding more time to focus on the core business and an Online Business Manager can be a helping hand. A business manager will provide excellent administrative assistance in their role as a project manager. Doing so helps the business manager to escalate several tasks in their direction. Similarly, a Virtual Assistant will take care of attending customer calls and responding to emails, so you can utilize your time and expertise where it is most needed.
  •  Which Do You Need? – If your business has grown as much as it can with only you as the one in charge, or if you need someone else to help with the day-to-day tasks and activities of the other employees, you will want to hire an Online Business Manager. This addition to your team will take some of the daily roles off your plate as an entrepreneur.

Alternatively, you will want a Virtual Assistant when there are specific tasks you need help with. A Virtual Assistant will also be a great asset if you are just starting up and need help with all of the start up tasks and projects that may take up too much of your time as you begin your latest journey in becoming an entrepreneur!