Going Green with a Virtual Assistant

Why going green with a Virtual Assistant is helping, reduce your Carbon footprint and save you MONEY?

Did you know that going green doesn’t only apply to the way you live your life in your home, but also how you run your business? It isn’t a secret anymore that our planet needs our attention. With global warming, the depletion of our rain forests and the contamination of many water sources, it is time we band together to do our part to contribute to being “GREEN”. You may ask yourself how is hiring a Virtual Assistant GREEN and environmentally friendly? The first and most obvious answer that comes to my head is that Virtual Assistants work primarily from their own home office, which means that there is one less car driving on our highways. Did you know that 25% of our CO2 emissions is from driving in our car and 88% of those commuting, do it by ourselves. If that doesn’t burst your bubble did you know that American workers spend an average of 38+ hours per year commuting in rush hour traffic — wasting nearly 2.9 billion gallons of fuel. Hence working from home reduces our carbon footprint significantly. So why are so many people still stuck in the old adage of having to work at the office? If you think about it, with all the wonderful modern day technology capabilities working remotely just makes sense. The entire concept is actually helping to preserve our planet and you will also be surprised how much more can be accomplished in a single day.

Since we are on the topic and talking about the benefits of GOING GREEN with Alpine Small Business Solutions here are some more fun facts about how I can help your business reduce your carbon footprint and SAVE your company money.

  • A VA typically uses less paper than a traditional administrative or executive assistant does. Since a high percentage of our work is done through the computer with the use of the internet, much of our work files are transferred and stored electronically and the work process is almost paperless.
  • Contributing to local recycling causes through our used printer ink cartridges.
  • Utility usage is another way that VAs do their part. Since clients only pay virtual assistants for the time they are working on a project and not for an eight or nine hour workday VAs use less electricity and heating fuels in a typical day.
  • VAs work from their own home offices, they do not have a daily commute.
  • The use re-usable dishes & utensils.

If you hire Alpine Small Business Solutions, I promise you the following:

  • the use of energy star-rated light bulbs & appliances
  • recycling toner cartridges, paper, glass
  • to purchase office supplies made of recycled materials
  • whenever possible
  • to drink filtered water, not bottled
  • to purchase organic foods when possible
  • to purchase from local growers when possible
  • reduce travel (car & airplane) as much as possible
  • to constantly look for ways to be more energy efficient
  • ecologically friendly plates & utensils when necessary (zero waste products)
  • non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • to purchase re-chargeable batteries
  • to continually learn about and implement new environment-saving ideas

These simple things will make a huge impact on our current pollution and landfill issues.

It also isn’t any secret that our nation is on an economic rollercoaster and many small businesses are looking at ways to cut some of their overhead costs. In cutting costs, it is extremely important to remember that your business still needs to stand out above the crowd by continuing to offer superior quality products, services and customer service. As they say it takes a village, same goes to running your business. You should have a great team behind you. Finding the perfect team can not only be financially cost effective, but also help in doing your part to save our environment.