"Be so Good They Can't Ignore You"- Steve Martin

I am going to be totally honest with you up front.  Facebook ads aren't easy! They can be frustrating and you will likely fall on your face a time or two...or three...or four. They can test your patience and make you question if Facebook ads are right for you.  But the truth is FACEBOOK ADS work.

Why Facebook Ads?  Well, they give advertisers give you the leg up on competition with it's 1.59 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is no longer a advertising platform that should be overlooked.  The amount of information and data that has been collected over the years makes Facebook one of the biggest personal data collection sites, blow any other ad platform out of the water in terms of demographics for online ad targeting .

And lets not forget Twitter ads!  Twitter ads definitely don't get as much play time as Facebook ads. They aren't talked about feverishly by marketers, but truth be told twitter is a great platform for ads too, just different.  Twitter remains one of the largest social media platforms with 320 million active daily users (wow, right).  Just like Facebook ads, Twitter advertising can be profitable for your business and your business growth if you know how to properly use and also understand their advertising platform.

Are you looking to build your email list, promote your brand, service or product? Are you looking at taking your marketing up a notch and getting tired of getting little to no traffic through your social media platforms?  If you are ready to make a switch and embrace the ever changing world of marketing then social media ads are the perfect solution for you.

The Alpine Small Business Solutions proprietary "SIMEMAS" model and approach to running your online business:

Strategy – Strategize and layout of online business projects and identify all the steps, tasks and team members needed to accomplish the big picture.

Implementation – This is what Alpine Small Business Solutions believes to be the overall secret ingredient to a successful online business. Implementation is by far the most integral and critical part of your online business and it's transformation  This is where all the tasks are put into a timeline and action plan and your dedicated team will deploy your vision. This will be an integral part of  building your online business and presence. Remember, just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to build your business.

Manage - The management of all the pieces to ensure that all tasks are being done by the specific team member and things are running smoothly and on schedule.

Execution – Seeing all projects from beginning to end…and beyond.

Mentoring - Is a development driven and power free, two-way mutually beneficial relationship. The mentoring portion of the SIMEMAS model is important, because it allows you to discover your own direction with our guidance.  This is achieved by our unique and thought driven advice and by sharing of relevant knowledge and experiences to help progress your growth.  This proven style of mentoring is low pressure and  allows for self-discovery within your business, by using an adult learning environment versus teacher to student approach to help you develop your business for the future.

Analytics – Provide intangible, strategic insights to have to move forward into the future by taking an outside perspective of the transaction that can occur.

Systematize – When running an online business it is important to remember that "one size doesn’t fit all". That is why the ASBS team will help set processes and procedures on how to run your online business that is crafted specifically for YOU!  During the course of our work together we will document the steps it takes to get to the end point of a certain project or task. This will be crafted into your own personal online WIKI, which is an online systems/procedure manual that can be updated as your business grows, changes and evolves. Your online process manual will be organized specifically for your unique online business.