Being consistent with social media not only helps nurture social relationships, but it also builds recognition as a leader in your community.

A successful social media strategy should be ever changing.  What works one month may not work the next.  By analyzing your audience and tracking popular topics around your industry and in the current news you will find that you will have the best engagement ratio. As a social media manager one of the goals with social media is to always be human.  Social Media is about people, not necessarily logos, although with that being said,  having brand identity is also very important.  Thus why at Alpine Small Business Solutions we incorporate the 80/20 rule

What does that mean the 80/20 rule mean?  Basically the 80/20 rule is a formula developed by social media thought leaders and adopted by Alpine Small Business Solutions.  The tested method is to set a social media strategy where you publish around 80% original content that provides value. This is content that is educational, fun, inspirational, etc... and the 20% should be more promotional content, like sales, testimonials, events and other topics of the like.

Being mindful when developing weekly content as it is one of the secret sauces to social media exposure and growth.  This is also the best way to create a disruptive marketing environment.

In general people on social media enjoy:

It is said that Facebook has more than 1 billion active users. If you do the math and know your geography that would make Facebook the 3rd largest country in the world. Wow!

Given the insane amount of people on social media, take a moment and really think of the amount of people you can connect with and share your ideas and products or services with in just a few simple clicks of the mouse and strokes of the keys on your keyboard.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Harness the power of Social Media marketing for your business and your visions!