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"Jessica and her team have proven to be invaluable and such an integral asset to my many businesses. Jessica and her team are there to listen, to brainstorm and  always gives honest feedback to help me grow.  Jessica is indeed a top-notch online business manager and Virtual Assistant.  She has communication, time management, and organization skills to help keep me on track.  Furthermore, Alpine Small Business Solutions are social media mavens and marketing queens. My mind has been blown time and time again by the results achieved for past and current social initiatives and online promotions.  Being an entrepreneur, I always am looking for ways to make money and I wish I could bottle Jessica's kindness, professionalism and spunk to sell because I think we could make millions with this recipe for success and support.  Another great quality is that Jessica really gets to know who the client is and uses her nurture by nature style to care for her clients not only as a business owner but as a person too.  Her special and unique approach have helped me elevate my businesses to the next level. A+ service and dedication!"

JW Wilson
Advanced Learning Institute
Insulite Health
Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine

“Jessica asked me to write a testimonial for her. I have to say I didn’t want to write it. And I was digging my heels in. Then I started to feel bad that she asked me to do this and it was only fair I ought to oblige. But the fact is I’m selfish. If I go around telling everyone how great Jessica is, everyone is going to want her. I don’t want to share her. I’m so lucky to have her. She has helped my business grow. She has kept me in line. She handles many areas that I don’t like or don’t know how to do. Plus she is pro-active. She leads and suggests things I can do to improve my business. Jessica is absolutely awesome and handles everything I give her. I think I forgot to mention how easy she is to work with, and sweet and lovely she is, too. If she were my employee, she’d be VP of Marketing.”

Rosie Aiello,M.B.A.
Productivity Consultant, Speaker & Author

"When my business started to grow and I was stressed out thinking about how I would find the right person to help me as a virtual assistant. I decided to do an extensive search and met with several people before finding Jessica. It has always been difficult in the past connecting with someone in the right way who understood me and my business which is why I haven't really had a true assistant that I stuck with for more than one project. Jessica will be part of my business for a long long time. She understands my business, she took the time to get to know me and my personality so that she could write to people on my behalf. She is excellent with turning projects around quickly and successfully. She has skills in a variety of areas that have helped in my business growth including social media, event planning, project management, customer service and more. I trust Jessica with my business which is truly the first time I can say that in over 11 years of being in business. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a virtual assistant to help them grow."

Tara Powers, CEO and Founder

Testimonial"Jessica Granish is AMAZING! As a virtual support and manager for my business she has been outstanding in her proficiency and depth of knowledge across so many platforms, it's incredible. She was even intuitive enough to do things without me even asking her - an absolute dream to work with. I would highly recommend her for her skill and talents, her ability to get things done in a timely manner and the amount of stress she took away from me. I felt so relieved to know things were being done and being done well. Thank you Jessica!"

Rebecca Davison
Founder, Find Your Bliss and Intuitive Life Academy

"For those of us who would rather dive into a mosh pit of live spiders than create a sales page or ANY page, Jessica is a true whisperer. She speaks the perfect blend of tech speak and creativity, asks questions that clarify rather than intimidate, gets right to the heart of what you are really trying to do—convert your content to money. If you will listen, she will give you very sound advice. And if you are under a deadline and have to do it anyway, she will come up with better ideas than you could have dreamed of. She will NOT let you off the hook for creating your own content, and this is the greatest gift she can give you. She works as a partner for your message and your brand, she works quickly, professionally, and with tremendous heart. I still can’t believe what she accomplished in such a short time. We put together a 3-part video series, Teleseminar, Auto Responders, Sales Page for a Multi Week Program with Multiple Bonuses, Payment Integration, new WEBPAGE, in a matter of weeks. And those are just the things I know about. I could not possibly recommend Jessica highly enough. She is creative, professional, insanely knowledgeable, warm, and funny. NOT the easiest combo to find in a tech goddess."

Sheila Gallien,

Testimonial“If you’re a business owner who truly wants to grow your business without losing your mind, Jessica Granish is THE answer. She is a virtual assistant on steroids as she manages projects, strategies for growth and future expansion, and provides insight into online visibility and marketing. My business has increased every month I’ve worked with Jessica and her team, and having her keeps me organized, sane and working ON my business more than in it.Thank you, Jessica, for everything! You make my life better all around. :-)”

Katie Humphrey
Founder, Rebel University

"Working with Jessica has been one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.  Her expertise allows me to focus on what I love to do without struggling to get through all the things I am not very good at (administrative duties, social media management, marketing, etc).  She has a gift for understanding technology and the nitty-gritty of a small business management, which allows her to work fast and also make very helpful suggestions about the way forward.  It takes her one hour to do something that would take me 10! I am so grateful for her expertise and gentle guidance. Thank you for all your help, Jessica!"

Nathalie Fraise, Vanille Verte


"Working with Jessica and her amazing team is a real pleasure. Not only is Jessica extremely professional, very responsible and resourceful, she also has a delightful personality, she cares about her clients and she is one of those women that are truly making this a better world.

Hiring Alpine Small Business Solutions has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. With her help, I can relax knowing that all my projects will get completed. I would recommend her work 100%.

Thank you, Jessica, for who you are and how you help so many of us stay afloat on this crazy entrepreneurial world."

Erika Ferenczi
Business Success Mentor

Jessica is a rock star in the marketing world. She knows our market well and is a team leader with our social media and customer service team. She steps in to train whenever necessary to make sure we stay at least one step ahead of our customers’ and prospects’ needs. She always works from a place of integrity and strives to do the right thing for everyone concerned. Jessica is familiar with a lot of platforms so can jump in to create or tweak on our website, contact management and social media platforms. She is a true team player who stays up on the latest trends for marketing. We have relied on her heavily to guide our business and are so grateful for her and her amazing talents. 

Robin Nielsen
Insulite Health, Inc.

Sexy Younger You

Lynn Schulte

"Jessica and the Alpine Small Business Solutions team are amazing to work with. Jessica is very knowledgeable, professional and really gets the job done. I love the support she and her team provide me and my businesses'. She is wonderful with encouraging me and guiding me as needed, but also willing to follow along where I direct her.
It’s a fine dance and Jessica is a master!"
Lynn Shulte

"Jessica is a life-saver. Her knowledge and skills of building successful internet based business is extensive. Better yet, she knows how to communicate in plain language which makes it easier to understand. Sometimes I needed ‘how-to’ instructions and she created brief, visual directions delivered right to my in box. Jessica helped me prioritize and sequence the work in a manageable way. In short, Jessica takes the ‘overwhelm’ out of building an online business presence. She gets things done on time and as expected. I couldn’t be more pleased with her performance."

Sara Olson
Olson Consulting, Inc.

"Working with Jessica and her team has given us huge peace of mind. She's a self-starter, super conscious of her client's needs and budgets, quick to respond and not afraid to take on a challenge. She's fun, upbeat and her positive attitude is contagious. We are so grateful for her organizational skills and helps keep us focused on the vision of growing our new and ever-expanding business."

Julie Pelaez and Jo Schaalman, Founders of the Conscious Cleanse


Melissa Rich Orange

Jessica is a pleasure to work with.  She and her company are professional, knowledgeable, and very on top of technical issues and always has a solution that is implemented with ease.  Facebook ads, were intimidating and frustrating and she helped me make sense of Facebook ads and understanding my target audience. I recommend her highly and look forward to what is to come.

Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.
Waco Counseling & Hypnosis Center, LLC

Gwen Chappell"Jessica Granish and her team have been essential to helping my business move forward. They listened carefully to my vision for my business, then outlined the steps necessary to make that vision a reality. Jessica let me move forward at my own pace. She helped me trim unnecessary expenses, and set me up with exactly the right software for my budget and my stage of business.

Jessica is prepared to offer exactly the amount of support I need, while at the same time, she lets me take on as much of the technology as I want. I know that if I manage to screwup (no problem for me!), she can quickly undo the damage and correct my errors. More than once, in just a few minutes, Jessica resolved a technology puzzle that had me muttering under my breath for days! She is so much more than a virtual assistant or even an Online Business Manager. She's a friend and trusted adviser!"

Gwen Chappell, M.A. (English); M. Ed. (Psychology)

"Having done lot's of tele-seminars we recently decided to "up" our game and start doing full on webinars. Thankfully, a friend of ours highly recommended Jessica to help us get set up, train us and run our webinar classes. She has been a wonderful resource from the start and helped us find the right webinar program to fit our needs. Now. even though we feel like seasoned pros, we keep her on board just to make sure things run smoothly. Just knowing she is there and available to take care of any last minute glitches (that always seem to happen no matter how many times you do them) saves us from stressing out before and during a class. Moreover, she is there to keep the webinar flowing smoothly and most importantly record properly. Jessica also did a beautiful job of creating our sales pages and helped us market our classes as well. However, it's her outstanding follow-up skills and perky, "can do" attitude that keeps us hiring her again, again! She is a true professional and a delight to work with!"

~The Glam Gals
Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler

Lynn Schulte Transparent2 Rosie Aiello Transparent"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outstanding work on the Empowered Women's Prosperity Party video summit. We appreciate all your back flips you did to support us. We know it wasn’t easy.

You did a great job and a huge THANK YOU. We couldn’t have done it without you! You are AWESOME!"

Rosie Aiello and Lynn Schulte

UG logo

"Before I started working with Jessica and her team at Alpine Small Business Solutions, my web page had a very low ranking and was lost in internet searches. Now I’m on top in many categories. When I asked a recent potential client how they got my name, she replied that I came up on every site she searched and that I had really learned how to capitalize on social media. Thanks to Jessica for leading me to this much better place!”

Sarah Christian, RLA
Landscape Architect

"Jessica and Alpine Small Business Solutions is the perfect combination of the many qualities necessary for a fantastic Virtual Assistant - a wonderful work ethic, a friendly and clear personality, a desire to learn, humility, sharp and up-to-date skills with computers and admin, stability, enthusiasm and pride with what she does and great availability. She is prompt, loyal and professional, and most importantly of all, we have a lot of fun working together and I trust her to look out for my company's best interests!"

Amy Ippoliti,
Owner and Anusara Yoga Teacher
Wildspirit Yoga

It’s a warp-speed, wacky world out there where all things digital and social media are concerned. But thanks to Jessica’s expertise, savvy, and dedication to helping me succeed, my web-based business is growing. She has her finger on the pulse of everything I need to know to stay ahead of the curve and play the game to win. I know I couldn’t do it without her. Thank you, Jessica!

Jo Werther, M.S.W., L.C.S.
Jo Werther Coaching and Consulting

Jessica is a life-saver for a non-techie like me. I saved a ton of time by having her do the tech work while I wrote the articles and broadcast emails. She is very easy to work with and responsive to my desires. She comes up with ideas I never would have thought about, and executes them well. Don’t hesitate. Hire her today!


Pat Balvanz.
Bloom at Any Age Coaching

005002877Jessica and her team has a genuine passion for supporting other small businesses, particularly when it comes to social media & strategy. While small business support is seemingly everywhere today, I loved that Alpine Solutions is Colorado-based and still maintains a competitive rate structure. Jessica has great energy and is a pleasure to work with.

Tommy Lorden
Managing Broker, Buyers Slice Realty

I Do AppI have worked with many people in the corporate and independent contractor workplace and I’m sure the other partners in our company share my opinion that Jessica and her Team at Alpine Small Business Solutions are by far one of the most helpful and professional business people we have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Jessica's knowledge of her craft and the expertise she has brought, coupled with it her ability to communicate effectively and with purpose is only matched by her patience, work ethic, and amicable personality. All of which makes Jessica and her team a pleasure to work with.

We are  impressed with her work and logical progression of tasks since the day we started and has not only delivered what was promised but has gone beyond the call of duty to help us be successful. All of this at a reasonable fee and payment schedule.  I highly recommend you and your company to any prospective clients who are looking to posture themselves in the social media and marketing arena.

J. Anthony Stepney, Director of Information Technology
IdoApp, LLC

"Jessica and Alpine Small Business Solutions takes ownership of the tasks given and have developed solutions that have exceeded my expectations. She is efficient, dependable, and willing to learn new things. I feel comfortable and confident with Jessica’s technical knowledge and level of professionalism. Her enthusiasm and willingness to help my business grow are an added bonus."

Megan Kelley, MA CCC-SLP
Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist
Pediatric Speech Associates

improv pic1

Jessica and her team at Alpine Small Business Solutions have been invaluable and I am especially grateful for the work you all did on my website! It looks beautiful and professional! It was also in a way where I can get in there and make edits easily. One of the reasons I enjoy working with your team so much is that you all are enthusiastic about my business. You show interest and it comes out in how present you are in all of our interactions. The quality of work is exceptional and the turn around time great! I am thrilled that I was referred to you as it’s been worth every penny! Thank you.

Lisa Safran, Owner & Founder

Improv Consultants, www.improvconsultants.com

"Jessica and her team know so much more about all this stuff than I can ever hope to! It's great being able to rely on her to handle all this for me."

Mike Van Horn, Principal, The Business Group, San Rafael, CA businessownerstoolbox.com

"Jessica Granish assisted me and two of my colleagues on doing our first collective webinar.  It took us many months to accomplish it, but with her expertise ranging from putting auto-responders on our websites, helpful suggestions on how to have a telephonic meeting with three people in three places, and great input how to structure our letters to potential attendees, she made it easy and provided us with to do lists that allowed us to accomplish our goal.  I highly recommend Alpine Small Business Solutions for people who are tech challenged like me to others who just want to delegate tasks that are not a good use of their time.  She is terrific!"

Nancy Lewellen, Esq. Palladian Law Group in San Francisco, CA http://www.palladianlawgroup.com


"Jessica Granish and Alpine Small Business Solutions are an asset that I have been blessed to have come in contact with. She is professional, personable, integral and very hardworking. She also possesses a vast array of skills that can make her valuable to any company – from computer skills, finance skill to the one you can’t teach – people skills. We have been so very fortunate to have her working for us and highly recommend her."

Hans Guth
Listing Magic

matthew-kelley“Jessica and Alpine Small Business Solutions work very hard to make my company successful. Tasks are always completed in a timely manner and if something is new, she takes the time to learn how to do it correctly. She works efficiently and everything is done with care. The end result for my business is a large reduction in stress and workload.”

Matthew J. Kelley, CFP®, AIF®
President and Managing Member
Gold Medal Waters